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B Capital Wealth Management works with fiduciary companies and banks to establish trust structures according to the needs of the Principals. We can establish off the shelf companies to act as account holders for basic confidentiality and protection.  Nominee shareholders and directors can be arranged when required.  We are also experienced in providing different trust structures including full and partial discretionary trusts, revocable trusts in which wide powers are reserved for the settlor, purpose trusts and foundations.

B Capital Wealth Management does not provide tax advice and would expect to work with qualified tax advisers in order to ensure the suitability of all fiduciary structuring solutions.  This is particularly important when multiple jurisdictions need to be considered.

The Key Benefits that we can provide are:

  • Save money with already negotiated discount fees.
  • Protect the Principal’s interests and privacy by providing directors.
  • Provide advice on structures without conflict of interest.
  • Save time by completing fiduciary documentation and provide due diligence information held on file.
  • Maintain records of structures on behalf of the beneficiaries.
  • Provide offshore signatories.
  • High level of service and privacy when assisting with delicate family affairs.
  • Fees for fiduciary services start from a few thousand dollars for basic offshore company services.


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