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Banks continually change their risk appetite and their loan pricing.  B Capital Wealth Management will find and arrange credit facilities with the best terms according to the need for either a higher loan to value, lowest cost, most flexible covenants, ability to execute on time or a combination of these as directed by the Principal.  After researching the market and interviewing banks several different offers will be proposed.

The Key Benefits that we can provide are:

  • Save money by negotiating better margins.
  • Save time by searching for the best offers and then handling the account opening and loan documentation involved.
  • Protect the Principal’s identity while researching the market.
  • Provide convenience by pressing the banks up to the point of drawdown.
  • Look for opportunities to switch loans to improve cost saving.

B Capital Wealth Management is experienced in arranging the following types of credit facility:

  • Portfolio Leverage.
  • Foreign Exchange Margin Trading accounts.
  • International Residential and Commercial Property loans.

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