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B Capital Wealth Management comprises a team with over 38 years’ combined private banking experience.  We take responsibility for the operation of private banking accounts with the best and strongest of the world’s financial institutions.

The Key Benefits that we can provide are:

  • Save money by negotiating the best terms, such as reducing annual fees, transaction charges and overdraft rates.
  • Save time by handling account opening, including providing all due diligence and other ongoing documentation required by the banks.
  • Supervise money management to improve returns and maximise efficiency.
  • Centralise reporting and hold statements on file offshore.
  • Act as administrative point of contact and protective filter from bureaucracy.
  • Advise on regulatory and jurisdiction matters applicable to the account.
  • Maintain a high level of personal service and confidentiality.

B Capital Wealth Management operates with ‘power of attorney for asset management’ on the accounts of the Principal.  This is limited to providing money management instructions and supervising execution.  Any transfers of funds out of the appointed bank still require the signature of the account holder.  This is for the ongoing protection of all parties.

B Capital Wealth Management does not charge any fees for banking services if these are used in conjunction with Asset Management.  For banking-only services an annual private banking fee is applicable.

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