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B Capital Wealth Management is a regulated asset management firm in Switzerland.  We construct an investment strategy for the Principal and directly manage investments by having a “power of attorney for asset management” on the portfolio held at the chosen custody bank.  B Capital Wealth Management offers an execution-only service and both discretionary and advisory portfolio management.

Execution-Only Trading Accounts allow the Principal to give instructions directly to B Capital Wealth Management or the custodian bank without soliciting advice.  In establishing the account B Capital will choose the bank according to its ability to trade the securities of interest to the Principal on the best terms.  This could be according to transaction costs, custody fees, online execution, access to specific markets, trading support or a combination of these.

Advisory Portfolio Management follows specific models recommended by B Capital Wealth Management .  We believe in the efficient markets theorem and use low-cost, highly liquid tradeable instruments such as exchange traded funds (ETF’s) to track the main markets without the risk and cost associated with active fund managers.  This “beta” oriented approach to the majority of the portfolio provides efficiency and control for the investor.  For the specialist asset classes within the portfolio such as real estate, emerging markets and hedge funds we use the best “alpha” generating managers.  Here we believe that funds with a proven track record add value (i.e. alpha) through their local knowledge and superior analysis of asset classes which experience pricing inefficiencies.

The portfolios are run on an advisory basis to allow the investor the ability to adjust the risk and desired returns on an individual basis.  The models recommended by B Capital Wealth Management are an investment tool to aid successful investment.

Discretionary Portfolio Management follows specific investment models which form the basis for the investment strategy. B Capital Wealth Management will tailor the strategy to the risk and return needs of the investor. We place emphasis on absolute returns and capital preservation.

The Key Benefits that we can provide are:

  • Make money with simple and clear asset management models.
  • Protect money by retaining a high level of investor control.
  • Save money with low-cost trading and custody terms.
  • Save time through the “power of attorney for asset management”.
  • Service and advice from a trusted team with no sales agenda.
  • Supervision and follow up to ensure trades are executed correctly.
  • Performance reporting and statements kept on file.
  • Coordinate asset allocation if several banks are used.

Management and performance fees apply in accordance with the Client Agreement.  Management Fees vary from 0.30% to 0.75% per annum depending on the strategy selected in the ‘Statement of Investment Objectives’.  Trading fees are charged by the custodian bank chosen by our Principals and these fees are typically shared with B Capital SA.

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