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Our values

Focused offering & service
At B Capital we are close to our clients and make sure that they feel in control through clear understanding of our business model and investment processes.  Our mandate has been developed to ensure it is fair, bespoke and transparent, with an emphasis on absolute returns and capital preservation. We remember that our clients are at the centre of the business and that they are the reason for our success.

Investment strategy
We believe that asset allocation is the main driver of performance and take a top down approach to investing using index and sector level passive funds.  We have a strategic asset allocation plan expressed in five different models to accommodate differing risk tolerance and investment objectives. We adjust the balance with a tactical asset allocation to benefit from opportunities as the economic business cycle evolves.

Investment approach
We take a global investment approach in order to diversify our portfolios and also so that we can look for value across many markets.  The use of passive funds to express our views is a good model for transparency, liquidity and control while also supporting an absolute return style.  This approach is clearer for our investors and is attractive because it reduces costs.

Our independence means that we are not tied to specific funds, products or banks, giving our clients access to the best-in-class fund managers and investment ideas. Through our relationships with top-tier financial institutions we are able to negotiate the best terms for our clients. We do not have our own products to sell, meaning we are an impartial and trusted adviser, tailoring every investment decision to each client.

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