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B Capital is an independent investment firm providing advisory services to high net worth individuals and their families from offices in Geneva and London. We have been managing private clients as a team for over 15 years and have developed an entrepreneurial business model that offers transparency and great flexibility to adapt to the changing markets.

B Capital Wealth Management was launched in 2008 by Lorne Baring who is the Group Managing Director based in Switzerland. Lorne created the firm after a decade at Barclays Bank where he worked in both private and investment banking, becoming the top revenue producer globally during his last three years.  The core client team works in both the UK and Switzerland, whilst over twenty support staff in Geneva help manage business operations.  Our back office support is provided by selected global banks which hold client accounts as custodian.

B Capital is a member of the Association Suisse des Gérants de Fortune (ASG), a Self-Regulating Body (SRO) that is recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

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